Porcelain is ideally suited to the manufacture of jewellery. The fineness and purity of this ivory-white medium result in a polished smooth and silky feel to the surface. Each piece of jewellery is the culmination of considered design and every element has been individually rolled, cut, polished and printed, making every item a special and unique piece of wearable art.

All of the designs are applied to the porcelain prior to firing at 1260 degrees Celsius. Once fired, the design is permanently embedded into the porcelain.

The durability and timeless quality of porcelain, combined with the beauty and lustre of sterling silver, will ensure that this jewellery will last for centuries.

 I received this lovely email 4/3/2013:

"Hi Gabi,

Your earrings arrived today. What a treat to unwrap them, box upon layer, upon box upon lay to find an exquisitely detailed beautiful pair of earrings. I love them, your work is gorgeous. Thank you for your art!

Wishing you all the best and great success with your work.

Kind Regards,