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Solar Eclipse

Posted by gabi on November 13, 2012


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Today, Wednesday 14th November 2012, at 6.35am, we had a gorgeous view of a total solar eclipse, from right in front of my studio.

Despite the weather forecasts claiming an overcast morning, we were fortunate enough to have a clear window of sky for the duration of the eclipse. It was quite eerie, the sky gradually becoming darker and darker until we could look up at the eclipse and see the halo around the sun. At this point it was quite dark around us, and quite a different light than what you experience at pre dawn. As we are on the edge of the eclipse path, we only had 30 seconds of the full eclipse before the sun peeked out from behind the moon and all was normal again. We were very fortunate as the sun then moved behind a large cloud. The funny thing was, our cows started to bray when the sky was at its darkest. People have been talking about how the birds stop singing etc, but we didn't really notice any change, apart from Astro the bull carrying on!


Posted by Richard on
Would love to have been there to see that amazing sight, but alas back here in Perth it's just work as usual :-(
You were lucky that the weather gave you the perfect window to witness it.
Posted by Kate Carrillo on
We watched the eclipse on TV in Melbourne. Isnt it amazing that the sun is 400x bigger than the moon but with distance, the moon is able to perfectly eclipse the sun. I loved the diamond ring!
Posted by PatrickGag on
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