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It's not half bad living here

Posted by admin on December 6, 2011

A little bit of introspection

It is going to be a hot day today. Every afternoon we have been getting downpours, and this increases the humidity, especially when the sun comes out. At least it is not as hot and humid as it is in Cairns - the altitude (750m) of the Tablelands make this area more like a sub-tropical climate. I was in Cairns yesterday, as I needed to go to the dentist to have all my old amalgams removed- 4 injections later, my poor mouth was very numb. I can feel that I'm approaching 40 - my body is showing signs of wear and tear. I really do need to have my eyes checked too as I feel my eyesight is a little blurry, as if I am tired all the time. I have heard that the big 4 0 is a turning point in one's life. I suppose it is the half way mark, a time for introspection and evaluation of where one's life is heading. When I look back on the past few years, I feel that since we have moved to FNQ we have worked hard towards what we have achieved so far on our property, and it is shaping up and slowly evolving into what we dreamt of while we lived in Melbourne. Our little farm is becoming a reality (with cows, a dog, some chooks and ducks!), and now that my studio and business has started and gaining momentum every day, (with a real boost from the Christmas sales), I feel like it is gradually coming together. Mind you, is has been lots of hard work and no easy feat, but rewarding all the same. Rewarding when I get a phone call saying they need more stock, rewarding when I get 5 online orders in one day, rewarding when the heifers finally come up to me when I feed them molasses, rewarding when I hear the pheasant coucal make his beautiful call early in the morning, rewarding when you see the cloud/mist over the mountains, and all the picturesque vistas everywhere you look (it is a visually beautiful time of year now. Yes, it's not half bad living here!


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