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Oh Moo!

Posted by gabi on March 13, 2013

On the weekend, one of our cows - Mushroom, charged and knocked me over. It was my own silly fault though...... 


Mushroom had her baby early. I spent hours looking for her calf in the long guinea grass (over 2 metres tall) to no avail. They are very good at hiding their calves, and trying to find a little black calf in the long grass is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Anyway, Michael came home and he happened to find the calf as it was dusk and Mushroom was nearby. We were able to lock her in a smaller paddock so at least we would know her whereabouts. The next day I was keen to see the calf as I was concerned about it being affected by ticks which can rapidly kill it.  I was so intent on finding the calf in the long grass,  I didn't stop to consider how Mushroom would feel with me bumbling around her precious baby. I then suddenly came face to face with Mushroom. I must have spooked her and she just bowled me down, protective of her calf. I was absolutely terrified as she came around to knock me down again. The split second it takes for you to realise that a 600kg beast is about to mow you down is a very sobering one - there is no time to think to jump out of the way. Luckily Michael was nearby and could ward her off while I scrambled out of the way. My lovely neighbour Doctor Sian checked me out - I had only sprained my knee and have quite bad bruising on my leg, and I consider myself very lucky! 

So I am now in rest mode, catching up with business 'stuff' and am now finally on the Australian Ceramics Directory - something that has taken me a year to do! I am keen to get back in the studio so I can bisque fire my pots that I have thrown from local clay dug from a friends place. I have been experimenting with glazes using crushed basalt from our  place and local granite, with ash from QLD maple (that came down in Cyclone Yasi) as a flux. Fired in my solar powered electric kiln, these pots will have true 'low clay miles' and be carbon neutral - how good is that!


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