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Ceramic T-roo

Posted by admin on October 20, 2011


A glimpse of the inside of my studio, and my finished T.roo! Beside it is it's tail- I can't make and fire it with it attached as there would be a high risk of the tail snapping off! I have made a hole in both the body and the tail, to be able to join them together with a metal rod after firing. Behind the T.roo is the palm nut I've been carving.I will finish it today, hopefully leaving enough time to dry before firing. I must say that my carving arm is feeling a little sore today. My acacia pod is there too, ready for glazing. The little cups nearby are the test glazes I hope to glaze the pod with. It will be a bit of a gamble as the test glazes were fired in an electric kiln,and I will be firing these pods in Big Bertha (gas) as they wont fit in my electric one. Due to the differences between the two energy sources (without getting into the science of it all) there can be quite a change in the final colour/texture of the glazes. I will be raw glazing it as I will be only doing one firing in Big Bertha (the top hat kiln)THIS WEEKEND! Michael and I lit the burners yesterday and realised that the kiln rises in temperature mighty fast! In fact, too fast to safely fire greenware (clay things that haven't been fired before). I will have to light just one burner on low until about 200 C, and then slowly turn on one burner, then another. Oh, there is nothing like a looming deadline to stop deliberating and get things done quickly!!


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