Sun power

Posted by gabi on November 7, 2012

Our 5 kWh solar panel system has finally been installed!

As I am writing this blog, I am firing my electric kiln offset by our new solar system. Guilt free firing! Yesterday the system produced over 29 kWh of electricity. Hopefully at this rate, we will pay off the system in a few years, and then I can fire my kiln for free!! How good is that!

I have been busy trying to build up jewellery and functional ware stocks for Christmas. I have also been helping the Year 7 kids at Yungaburra SS paint a mural on the tuckshop wall. Most of the kids are as keen as mustard, but (even though participation is voluntary) there is always one with attitude! It would be nice to know how to reach those kids, who feel they can't give it a try because they are afraid of not being able to draw perfectly.

I have also volunteered my time to help paint the backdrop for Finn's hip hop dance end of year concert. It is my contribution to the concert effort, and I felt better able to do that than preen and pimp the girls backstage.

The dry is upon us again and I have been getting up at 5.30am to water the rainforest trees to help them get through this dry spell. I have lost about half a dozen trees, but most of them look good, and some of them even have new growth. I look forward to the day when I stand in their shade and look up in the canopy - and hopefully see a tree kangaroo!


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