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Yellow bellied Sunbird

Posted by admin on November 29, 2011

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It is raining again today. It really hasn't felt like we have had a dry season this year. The past few mornings we have had a beautiful visitor showing it's little face in the kitchen window. It is very inquisitive, and looks at us when when we talk to it. The little face belongs to a Sunbird who has a long curved beak, a buttercup yellow breast, a deep iridescent blue bib, and an olive green back. The Sunbird is a favourite with everyone up here as they build the most delicate little houses. They hang their houses off a piece of string or wire hanging down in a sheltered spot. The nest is long and bag like, made of cobwebs, grass and feathers, with a hooded entrance in the side. The little verandah-like hood keeps the water out when it rains. They often choose to live near human houses, often building their nest inside if they can get in regularly.


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