My girls!

Posted by admin on November 20, 2011

This weekend, we purchased some new girls for the paddock.

We went to the Malanda cattle sales and bought 4 young Murray grey/Angus heifers and a few steers. These 4 legged lawn mowers will help keep the grass down over the wet season when the grass can literally grow many cm's a day! My girls have such pretty faces, and apparently that is a good sign for breeding. Our neighbour has a bull, and we hope to get our girls in calf mid year. We have been so fortunate this year as the weather has been glorious for months! We haven't had the stinking hot weather usually associated with this time of year. The forecast is a wetter wet than usual but not as wet as last year. That is a relief as they also say that the chance of a cyclone like Yasi is less this year. Yasi was quite frightening as it was our first experience of a cyclone, and it was the biggest system that FNQ ever had! And it was due to hit us directly. Luckily for us but not for those poor buggers down at Tully, Yasi moved south just at the last moment. Yasi moved south just enough for us to escape the destruction that they copped on the coast. We are protected a little bit by being up on the Tablelands - the coast gets the full brunt of the cyclone. Bearing this in mind, we have been busy cleaning up any stuff lying around. We had to get rid of a lot of useful rubbish that the previous owner had left behind. This reduces that stuff from turning into projectiles during a cyclone. We have a couple of months before we have to worry too much- March tends to be the worst month for cyclones.


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