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Hot, sticky weather

Posted by admin on January 15, 2012

Last night we had a beauty of a storm, which broke a 2 week period of hot sticky weather. What a relief it is when the change comes! I suspect today will be hot and more humid than the recent weather because of the rain we had last night- over 40mm. Not a huge amount for this time of year though. Instead of writing this I should be working outside weeding, planting, mulching, as the best time to be working outdoors is early morning or late afternoon. It is hard to get up at 5.30- 6am, but it is rewarding to get up at that time and see the fog lifting up off the lake in drifts. The spider webs are still dewy, and it is cool enough to do any manual labour that needs to be done before the heat of the day sets in. I find the sun starts to burn around 9am, and by then you have had enough and it is time to have breakfast.


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