Curlew caper

Posted by admin on December 19, 2011

Today we rescued a bush-stone curlew.

At the end of our studio/workshop/shed we have plans to move our shipping container onto concrete piers and weld it secure, so it can be used primarily for storage, but also as a cyclone shelter when the need arises. There are some deep holes at the site, ready for the concrete piers. Luckily Finn walked by these holes and saw a little face peering up at him. It was a bush-stone curlew - they are such funny birds, huge eyes, very streamlined, camouflaged and with long legs. They like to be near humans but pretend they are not there (by freezing very still), and if you get too close they make a high pitched noise and sound very annoyed. They also make a terrifying screeching at night, enough to make your blood curdle! Well this poor little fella was stuck down in the hole, and it could not jump out as it was unable to flap his wings. It made the customary go away noise as I lay on the ground to reach down. Luckily my arms were just long enough to grab it. I thought that I was going to get a damn good pecking for my trouble, but the poor thing must have known I was trying to help, as it did not peck, or peck and twist as most wild birds are inclinded to do. I let it go under the nearby rainforest trees, and the thanks I got was a nonchalant fluffing of the feathers as it walked away!


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