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Casement windows and frogs

Posted by admin on November 24, 2011

Thank goodness it's done!

I am so relieved I have finished painting the studio windows - not a moment too soon as yesterday we had quite a downpour. Luckily I was able to paint during the build-up weather - hot sunny days before the rain. It is surprising the immense relief one feels when a much maligned job such as painting timber casement windows is finally done, especially when one has been putting the job off for months! They do look great, and do have character but I must concede that hubby was right - they are a huge amount of work. It is not often I give him that credit, but in this case, the sheer amount of hours I have spent on them proves him right! Now that the windows are painted, I can move all the display back to its rightful place. I get mainly friends come in to the studio to purchase pieces, as I haven't advertised, or even put a sign up to attract the general public. That has suited me just fine so far as I have been focusing on getting the 'business' side of things up and running. The tourist season up here is during the winter months, so I hope to have signage up and a flyer designed by then.

With the rain came an orchestra of frogs. The little rocket frogs make their "grieeekik, grieeekik", while the large green tree frogs join in with their bass "grouup, grouup". The green tree frogs (can grow to be bigger than your palm) have a fondness for being in the down pipes, which has an amplifying effect on their already ample croak!


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