Living in the Wet Tropics

Posted by gabi on October 10, 2011

For the first time since we moved to Yungaburra I have spotted a beautiful little Tree Kangaroo in our big fig/milky pine tree on our property just adjacent to my new ceramics studio.

The tree kangaroo is a threatened species due primarily to the destruction of their native habitat from land clearing. This sighting on our property of these dear little creatures has inspired me to help preserve their natual habitat where we can and to study them in greater detail

These quaint little tree-kangaroos have evolved from the plains dwelling kangaroos and wallabies and although they have adpated for life in the trees they still retain many of the macropod adaptations for living on the plains. In particular the massive hind legs and long, narrow feet which allow macropods to travel quickly and economically on the ground. However the Tree-kangaroo has developed exceptionally long tail for balance, and stronger fore limbs for climbing. Their feet are shorter and wider, they have longer claws on all feet, and rubbery soles for better grip.

Tree kangaroo progress


Progress is definitely happening on the Tree Kangaroo sculpture. This below image features the new re-designed facial features that better represent the real creature.

You can also see the new carved palm nut sculpture happening in the background.

Progress 20th Oct 2011

Watch this post to follow the progress of my new tree kangaroo sculpture.


Posted by Richard on
The are really Cute.
May be you need to do some additional tree planting to improve their habitat and encourage them to stay
Posted by Gabi on
Due to the sighting of our very own tree kangaroo, it has inspired me to create one out of clay. I have thinking of doing this for ages, and now I've started, the little clay creature has taken on a life of it's own
Posted by Barry on
What a beautiful creature. I look forward to seeing your finished sculpture.
Posted by Barry on
Hey, Gabi! That tree kangaroo sculpture looks great! You must be very pleased with it. Pity about the other pieces that came to grief in the kiln - but it's good to know that you will be able to recover something from all that work.
Posted by Gabi on
Thanks Barry, I'm very pleased that the T. Roo survived and is now sitting happily in the Tablelands Regional Gallery. As the Wet is approaching, I will have to research what trees the tree kangaroos like to eat. We will plant out that area around where we found our T.roo, and all along the drive way to the studio too. There is a Tree Kangaroo and Mammal group which will be able to tell me what trees to plant.
Posted by CaseyTus on
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