What a great weekend!

Posted by gabi on August 19, 2013

Four local potters including myself, participated in the OSCAS Open studios on the weekend. The numbers that came through the doors were well above my expectations.

I was very pleasantly surprised when the first car load turned up just after 10am, and didn't let up until after 3.30! We had promoted the weekend as part of a studio circuit tour of the Tablelands, and I think this was very successful, as we had people up from Cairns following the circuit we proposed. I would have had at least 50 people through the doors, and sales was good too. An additional benefit from this exercise was that I got to know the other potters better as we bounced emails back and forth, and we have promised to get together over a cuppa and discuss how our individual experiences went. 

Now the big weekend is over, I have to make sure everything is good to go for the Strand Ephemera. Not long now! Now the owls have been fired, I will polish them up and put a twinkle in their eye. The stands also have to be finished. While I am down there for the 10 days, I have been booked into facilitating at least 6 workshops! I am excited about the whole thing, and can't wait to get down there. Hopefully I will have some time to squeeze in a day trip to Magnetic Island with Michael and the boys.

Last week, I was looking into the paddock and saw a new born calf. Not expecting any new calves because the bull hasn't been in with the cows for many months, I assumed it was our neighbours calf that had just come over for a visit. I look again, and I realise that it is our Melanie on her side, recovering from just giving birth! We had no idea she was pregnant, poor darling! And yes, it is another bull calf!! 


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