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Murphy's Law

Posted by gabi on December 17, 2012

It has got to be Murphy's Law that my kiln broke down last week in the busiest time of the year! Thankfully, it is up and running again,  I'm a little behind but getting back on track.

My little electric kiln has been so trusty and reliable over the past 14 years that I have owned it, that I can't really be cross, even though it breaking down during the worst possible time has been a little bit stressful! But I am nearly back on track, with a 1260 firing in the kiln at the moment and 2 more firings to do this week. I also have to fire up Big Bertha this week to fire more owls, one for an order and the rest to complete the installation so I can exhibit them as one again.

I have 8 orders to post off this morning so the recipients get them before Friday (hopefully, if not Christmas Eve.) I also have to get my head around the interstate family parcels I have to post off too.There just isn't enough hours in the day!

The boys are on school holidays now. I am glad to say that the school mural is finally finished, with the Year 7's putting their final flourish of signatures to the rainforest artwork on the last day of school. It looks pretty good (if I say so myself!) considering most of the kids have not had any from of art education.There were about 5 kids who were really keen and spent a lot of time with me, the others I think, were not so confident with their skills and so lost interest after a while. I could spend another 5 hours or so tidying up bits and pieces, but on the whole it looks great!


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