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On Saturday, I went with my neighbours to see wildlife carer Margit (Google Lumholz Lodge) who looks after orphaned and sick native animals. She had an adult and a baby tree kangaroo- oh so gorgeous! As we were having a cup of tea, the baby Emily scampered around us all, climbing up our legs (those claws are sharp!) to sit on our shoulders, only to hop down again to disappear down Margit's top to have a sleep in her surrogate pouch. We are very lucky to have people like Margit who look after our native creatures, as these babies can be as demanding and time consuming as a toddler!

After seeing the tree kangaroos at Margit's place, I realised that the face of my ceramic tree kangaroo looked a bit like a bear than a tree kangaroo!

It is not until you get up and close (the closest I had got to one was it was up in the tree,looking at me on the ground), that you understand what shape their head is, how long their body and tail is, where and how their fur grows, the colouration of their fur etc...all tiny details that are so important in making the sculpture look like a tree kangaroo, and not a bear or wallaby!


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I went shopping in Atherton yesterday, and I bumped into Margit- and she had a most unusual bulge in her top. It was Emily the baby tree kangaroo safely tucked in Margit's surrogate pouch for an outing. Emily truly is the most cutest thing!
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