Kids pottery lesson

Posted by admin on February 16, 2012

Today I went into Yungaburra State School and I showed the kids how to play a surreal animal pass the clay game.

The grade 5 kids sat in a circle and each had a piece of clay to make a creature out of. They then had to pass their creature on to the next person to add their own creative addition. The kids really enjoyed the freedom of adding their own 'bit' with out the pressure of having to make a masterpiece. Next week the kids will start making their own pot. They will  make a coil pot and then add their own creative creature onto the pot. I have been surprised by the excited faces, eagerly anticipating the next lesson I will have with them. Queensland Primary schools do not have dedicated art classes, certainly no art rooms!  'Art' is incorporated into the main curriculum, and if art is not a strength of the classroom teacher, it often gets forgotten, or just the basics get taught. I think the lack of art lessons make my lessons all that more special for the kids. I enjoy them just as much as the kids do!


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