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We are going solar!

Posted by admin on August 21, 2012

We are going solar! 

 Exciting news! We are having a 5 kW solar system installed on our studio/shed! I am so excited as this means that my energy usage from my kiln will be offset by the energy our solar system produces.  Also, all the hundreds of trees that we have planted on our property since we moved here three years ago will all go towards making my studio a carbon neutral one!

I have been busy in and out of the studio lately with teaching clay and drawing at the local school, and this week I will have at least 25 homeschooled kids come to my studio for some clay lessons as well. I do enjoy working with the kids as they are also so excited to be using clay - there is something visceral about working with clay - they really enjoy the hands on nature of it and will quite easily spend hours making their masterpiece!

I have finished my Tyto multipunctata (Lesser Sooty Owl) and am in the process of making a multi-piece mould so I can cast many identical owls for an installation work I am thinking of. I am a bit daunted by the process of multi-piece moulds as if the joins are not placed in the right places, it can all go quite wrong and ruin the master that I've spent hours making! 


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