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To do or not to do?

Posted by admin on January 26, 2012

Navel gazing and being in the creative arts business.

As the Queensland kids are back at school this week, I am back in the studio. I am a bit despondent as sales have been quiet, and I can't help wonder if I shouldn't go and get a 'proper' job. There are positives and negatives to this proposal and it is hard to know what to do. The big positive would be a regular, reliable income. The negatives are issues with being at work during school holidays and getting the kids to after school lessons, and not being on hand to do work like fixing leaking pumps, weeding and other maintenance jobs that are associated with a property. Another big negative would be that I would have to retrain (unlike Europe or Asia, there is no need for ceramic artists in industry), in either health or education as they are the two biggest employers up here. Is it worthwhile to pursue a lonely, poorly paid existence in a ceramic arts practice? In Melbourne, I never questioned the validity of my profession. In the country however, I suppose what I do may seem to be too like an indulgent hobby whilst many people are out of work and life in general does seem tougher. Does that mean that it is not worth doing? In our culture that is being increasingly dominated by cheap imports, shameless marketing, advertising and electronic gadgets, is it not beneficial to produce something that has intrinsic beauty, quality and meaning?


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