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Posted by admin on February 14, 2012

What a fright!

What a fright I received yesterday morning! I unlocked the studio door to hear a raspy swooshy sound, and I see a dark snake at least 2 metres long darting under my cabinet! Cripes! I thought, what am I going to do? I was well aware that we get Taipans and king browns here, and I didn't want to share a space with a scared and deadly snake. I needed to collect some jewellery pieces to take to the Tablelands Regional Gallery at 9.30 so I snuck in, knowing that the snake would be scared and under the cabinet, grabbed my stuff and raced out. I closed the door as I thought it would be worse if I didn't know it was there or not. There is so much stuff in the studio and Mick's workshop that it could disappear and you would never find it. Better to leave it feeling safe under the cabinet until an expert comes and gets it out. I went home and tried to look up 'snake catcher' and there was no such category in the yellow pages. Then I had the bright idea of calling Tam, a friend who works in Parks and wildlife. She will be able to tell me what to do! Luckily she was just dropping off the kids at school and was able to pop in on her way to work- she even had a hook and bag in her boot! Thankfully the snake was still under the cabinet, and Tam was able to identify that it was a very cranky common tree snake (not poisonous) that did not want to go out. It tried to strike quite a few times, and it took us a good while to coax it out- a broom was quite handy in encouraging it along its way. Once it was outside, we could see the beautiful blue stripes along its sides, and it had a lime green underbelly. It hid under some rocks and hopefully wont be so inclinded to visit the studio again! Thanks Tam. I am so grateful that she was able to get it out, with minimal fuss! I was only 5 minutes late for the meeting with the gallery director. She was very pleased to have my jewellery in the gallery, as she has been wanting a 'shop' in the foyer of the gallery for some time. What a day!


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