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Raw materials

Posted by admin on January 5, 2012

I have been busy cleaning up all those odd bags of oxides and materials, and labelling the new containers. This is what I love about ceramics, the names of all the minerals and raw materials, mysterious powders that look similar but do different things with the element of fire. Names like Nephelene syenite, Gerstley borate, Zircon, Wollastonite, Bone ash (yes it is calcined ox bones!), Illmenite, Spodumene, Crocus martis, Petalite, Strontium, the list goes on! It is the marvellous combination of geology, chemistry and physics that combine with your imagination and never ceases to inspire and tease with all the possibilities of form and glaze, or to pull your hair out in frustration, yet just when you are at the level of despair, out of the kiln will appear a beautiful piece, an masterpiece! Such is the life of a willfully obstinate ceramic artist!


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