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Mould making

Posted by admin on December 11, 2011

Last week I made a second mould for my little tea cups as the demand for them has suddenly increased! I have a love/hate relationship with mould making. I hate making them - trying to work out undercuts, trying to get the mould square and level, and if there is the smallest of gaps, the plaster leaks everywhere and makes a disasterous mess! All keeping in mind that plaster should be kept well away from clay as bits of plaster stuck in clay can blow up in the kiln. But I love the fact that I can make reproducible cups time after time. Now that I have two moulds, I can double the production of the little cups. I might finally have enough to display some in my studio as they have always sold out not long after making them.

That mould I had made was put to good use as I made 25 cups in a couple of days, amongst other things. Firing them was a little scary as there is so much thunder and lightning around at the moment (we did get a direct hit on the phone line and it blew up our modem) and if the lightning struck the power, it would blow up my very expensive kiln controller (and that costs a lot of cups!). Luckily I was able to dodge the storms and successfully fire the kiln, and was able to deliver the cups down to Kickarts. I was in a bit of a quandry though- do I take all of them down while they are selling well, or do I keep a few for the studio to fill the shelves? I've asked the same question when Fixed Abode called me saying 'we've sold out of earrings, and the market is on this weekend!'I haven't yet put signage out or made any attempt to advertise the fact that my studio is open to the public, but I do have friends and friends of friends that pop in and often buy something. They love to rummage in my seconds box and the box of new bits that I haven't transformed into jewellery yet, as well as having a sticky nose around the studio. Next year I will embark on promoting my studio as a point of sale, and making sure that my gallery gets first dibs!


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