Daintree camping

Posted by admin on June 29, 2012

A big week! On the weekend we held the Yungaburra Village Artists exhibition 'At the Chapel' in Yungaburra. Then on the Monday, I packed up the kids and camping gear to head off to Noah's Beach, just south of Cape Tribulation.

We had a great little exhibition over the weekend, with at least 400 people coming through. I exhibited my luminescent fungi, some small candlenut pods, a large acacia pod and a baby pademelon. People marvelled at the glowing fungi, an unusual exhibit that they didn't realise can glow on its own once it has been exposed/charged with light. I don't think even many of the locals know of our rainforest bioluminescent fungi glowing away in our rainforest in the wet season. It can look like a veritable fairy land! The little pademelon was the favourite though, and I was pleased that a well known and respected local wildlife artist said it was very lifelike. I enjoy coordinating and organising these exhibitions with the Yungaburra Village Artists, but it is a time consuming job!

After packing up the exhibition Sunday afternoon, I repacked our car with camping gear to leave on Monday morning. We left Yungaburra at about 10am to head up to the Daintree for a late lunch. We set up camp at Noah's Beach, so we had beach front real estate! We were with 2 other families which makes camping all that more fun. You don't even mind when it starts to rain! (It isn't called the wet tropics for nothing) The kids didn't care as they were in and out of the sea, swimming and body surfing. I warned them about any suspicious 'logs' floating about as there are quite a lot of crocs around the Daintree now. Ever since it has been illegal to hunt crocs, their numbers have built up dramatically, even to the point of being found in the storm water drains in Cairns. Needless to say, the kids didn't go swimming in or near the estuaries which is the crocs favourite haunt.

No, the rain did not dampen our camping trip.Watching the misty cloud pass over the rainforest clad mountains is a beautiful thing.


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